Who were my ancestors? How did they live? People are naturally mostly interested in questions like this. But it is not easy to get information. You need to have a lot of free time to visit archives, to be able to read old texts written in postgothic script, to understand old Czech, Latin and German language. But, there is also another possibility - entrust the research to professionals.

You donīt need much to let us start with the research on your ancestors. Except the interest and curiousity you need the only concrete starting information, i.e. the date and place of birth or marriage of your ancestor. It is necessary to know them exactly. For example, information that your grandfather who emigrated to United States was born about the year 1880 in South Bohemia, is completely unuseful. The older the date is, the better, of course. Genealogical research is based on church registers - you can find the date and place of birth (baptism), marriage and death (funeral), cause of death and the basic information about the social status (occupation) of every person. The afforded date should be older than 1900 - according to the Czech legal system it is very complicated - quite impossible - to search in materials from the 20th century.

As for the extent of research, it depends only on the individual requirements of a customer. Usually it is one of these variants:


Family tree of the male line, starting with the oldest ancestor who was been found (usually of the same surename as yours). All children of each direct ancestor are presented. But the collateral branches, i.e. descendants of brothers and sisters of your direct ancestors, are not mentioned.


It is quite similar as a pedigree, but in this case all the descendants of chosen person are taken into consideration, regardless of their gender. The result shows all your relatives.


This project is focused on direct ancestors. The survey starts with the customer, continuing with his/her parents, grandparents etc. In each generation the number of ancestors is growing twice comparing to the number in the previous generation. The final number is restrained only by the conservation of church registers (usually it is possible to find 8 - 10 generations).


It is necessary to study a lot of materials to get some result. It is impossible to say exactly how long the research will take, for that reason the price of the work is calculated like 10 EURO or USD per hour. All the costs (fees for the borrowing of church books, travelling and lodging money etc.), are included. Usually the whole pedigree (viz sub 1) needs 30 - 40 hours of work, it means the price is 300 - 400 EURO (USD). Of course, descendant tree and ancestor survey, where much more information are searched, are more expensive.

It is also possible to compose a very beautiful grafic output, suitable as a birthday present or as a gift for another personal anniversary. It could have a form of classical pedigree or family tree, potentially any other shape the customer asks for.


We are looking forward your orders and your questions which we will answer with pleasure!